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label prototypes - gluten free labels

Your label prototypes will be crisp, clear digital originals with the professionalism and appeal you need to make that very important decision: is this the labeling that works?

Your label prototypes created promptly, arriving with polish
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Satisfy everyone involved in planning your label So many people need to see it. They need to touch it. They have ideas to improve it. We offer your team 35 years of printing excellence and performance on demand.

Designers and marketing departments need immediacy with manageable costs. Our digital technology delivers.
Brand managers often want multiple variations or SKUs. Digital die cutting makes it happen.
Focus groups need label prototypes that look like the real deal. They respond to color variations. Digital can-do.
There will be last minute changes and late additions. There is no problem adding to our digital workflow.
The timeframe is yours. The technology is ours. The result is short turn-around without sacrificing a consistently high quality product.

Your label prototype will be as realistic as the final design you choose; it will not look like a quickie “mock up”. Your digital print labels are produced with the sharpest colors and eye-catching hues. This is photo-quality printing that is far more affordable and deliverable on tight and changing deadlines.

We say “no problem” when other printers will tell you label prototypes are a problem

  • Small runs: no problem
  • Kiss cutting: not a problem
  • Pressure sensitive labels: can do
  • C1S paper labels: no problem
  • Special shapes: nothing special to us

White ink We use it every day. Not every printer can say that. Our white ink allows for clear, rich looking, pressure sensitive labels in small quantities, and varying shapes, with the opacity that only white ink allows.

The Nutrition Facts Panel This standardized information can be important to focus groups. Studies show consumers are motivated to check these facts. But this information on label prototypes can change as products are finalized. You may even wish to compare differing serving sizes, different caloric ingredients, and alternate sizes. Nothing is constant but change; as well as our ability to efficiently provide the changes you need.

1. Color

You need to ensure your label prototype will grab the attention of someone walking the aisles of the supermarket or looking for product specifications. You want to use color well, and you want it to be true – especially on logos and branding. Digital printing delivers.

2. Graphics

You may need several quick changes along the way. You need to test a variety of images. Our leading-edge computer software makes quick work of this, and quickly gets your revised label prototypes on the way to you.

3. Readability

Fonts shift after testing and approval processes. You know that an average consumer will spend about three seconds viewing any printed message. You need that lettering clear, crisp and confident. If you find out you are losing people, we understand your need to adapt fonts and font sizes. Bar codes scan properly for use with small runs.

4. Different Flavors

We deliver design consistency with information variations you require. Different flavors (we use this term to describe any product with differing qualities) are a peak reason our small-batch capability is necessary for you yet keeps your costs in line.

5. Label Size and Shape

We sum up our service in three words: digital die cutting. Label prototypes frequently must be produced in varying sizes; container shapes may also be part of the test so the shapes will be adapted, too. We’ve been at this business for 35 years. Never has technology been more essential to the demands of label creation.


PrintSure can also retro fit your food packaging with gluten free labels. Ask us how!

We take label prototypes seriously; you get seriously consistent excellence
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We provide label prototypes for companies nationwide, and ship using FedEx, UPS, DHL or the service of your choice.